You Should have a Mobile-Friendly Website
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You Should have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Coming into 2021, your website must be responsive. In this ever-changing landscape of websites and SEO, we now find that Google is only indexing mobile-friendly websites. As such, if your website is NOT mobile friendly, then it's more than likely going to be overlooked for any Google ranking.

Building a mobile-friendly website is the only way to build websites today, we once built websites that were 'static' - their page size did not alter as we generally only looked at one computer monitor. Nowadays, our devices represent a multitude of screen sizes.

Mobile search has gained momentum worldwide in the last couple of years. Keeping that in mind, many small and medium size business owners prefer mobile-responsive websites for their business websites.

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Reasons why a mobile-friendly website required in 2021:

1. The mobile search index is now entirely in effect from 2020. You can see different search results dependant on whoich device you are on, whether it be a mobile or a wide-screen desktop computer. Google prefers mobile users search results to Google Ads, Google Local Listing and organically to websites that are mobile-friendly.

2. Searching performed in mobile is higher than desktop (in most cases). We all know we spend a lot of time on our mobile devices, and much of the time many of us will buy something online from our smartphone. So it's quite natural from a business perspective that mobile-friendly user-interface attracts visitors more often.

3. Since the easy accessibility of the internet, the demand of Smartphonea has risen dramatically in the last 5-6 years.
Smartphone users spend time on social media on an average of 4-5 hours daily. It is essential for any businesses to be listed correctly online and to have a quality web presence that caters for your target market user attention. If your business is not showing in the first of search engine result pages with specific keywords, you may be missing a potential business market. More than 70% of mobile consumers expect a local business within 5 miles of your business when purchasing something. Your aim is to become top in search ranking page whenever a local user is searching for products and services you offer. Not easy though!

4. About 60% websites are still not mobile-optimised. It is important if you want people to find your website, that you DO have it discoverable as a mobile friendly website. User searching behaviour is also changing from organic search to voice search and this will be our next challenge moving forward.

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