Why Small Businesses love Client Referrals
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Why Small Businesses love Client Referrals

All small businesses love referrals for their products/services. If you're a start-up business, whatever the case may be, getting new customers is always helpful.

It is common knowledge that referrals from existing clients are a great source of referrals in small business areas. Your current clients are your best assets since they have experienced the service and support you offer them and you have likely earned their trust and loyalty. Many of your clients would likely be happy to help you out and provide a referral where they can - word of mouth marketing is the best sort of advertising you can have.

By providing excellent customer service you will gain customer loyalty, this loyalty is the prerequisite for any referral. Providing first-class customer service should be a top priority for every small business owner. This means going above and beyond to satisfy your customers’ needs and making it standard practice.

Probably the best commendation your business can get is a referral. As a small business, a referral program can help give you a leg up on the competition. Many of our regular clients will already have received an offer from our referral program - once a year you are offered the opportunity to NOT have to pay for your website hosting service.
If you have a website hosting with us at Miniwebs and provide us with a referral, your annual website hosting fee may be waived. *(Conditions apply).

So for now - do you know anyone looking to get a new business website up and running? If so - give us a call!

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