Why I love working from home
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Why I love working from home

What if an employer offered you the option between working from home or working in the office? Which would you prefer?

I personally prefer to work from home but have done it for a long time now. Working remotely may help you to have a better work-life balance, it can increase productivity with better focus, less stress, and you can avoid traffic by not having to commute.

Of course, working at home sounds great in theory, but you must keep it in mind and understand what would be the advantages and disadvantages. 

At your own workplace, you have control of your working environment, no more uninspiring office atmosphere, cheap coffee or constant interruptions. You will be the one to decorate and style your own workspace and create an ambiance to keep you motivated to work. 

You are truly independent, but you will need to rely on self-motivation, self-discipline, focus, and concentration. Yes, it sounds simple and obvious but the time management and scheduling you have to do is an important skill to have. 

You may also become more productive by allocating time to communicate to answer emails or phone customers and clients but also then set aside time for meetings and face to face catch-ups. 

However, there are challenges working from home too. You may forget to register what time of day it is as you become engrossed in a particular project - that's where good time management becomes important. Remembering to take time out for a break occasionally and a decent break at lunchtime can all be important for keeping your mind active and refreshed when working at home. 

You may feel lonely and 'out of the loop' at times as well. You feel loneliness and isolation, not like in the office you always have casual collaboration with colleagues with whom you ask and talk to about tasks you may be working on.

To work from home, you must have the right mindset, time management, and discipline. 

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