Why G-Suite could help your business
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Why G-Suite could help your business

Email delivery methods over the last few years have changed dramatically.

Firstly we used POP (Post Office Protocol) to download and store our email, then came IMAP, where one could synchronise email with the server and as is common now, with all your devices.

But now people are sending larger emails with large attachments, not deleting emails or archiving them off the server and as such, the data usage level of those email accounts grows larger and larger every day. Large mailboxes can then be very unwieldy and difficult to manage.

So what happens next? Your hosting server sends you an email and says "Stop! that's all the data your email account can hold"

Businesses are now switching to their preferred email provider of Google's G-Suite or Office 365. Each of these (and depending on the account level you select) can provide, 15GB, 30GB or unlimited data storage of not just your emails but ALL your files.

Miniwebs now highly encourages businesses to convert their email servers to the much more robust G-Suite setup. You can still use Outlook by changing your mail server settings however using the G-Suite tools available to you, is a great alternative option for your email and other cloud based tools you may like to use.

Setting up G-Suite can be done by yourself but is best to be set up using your main business email account or a specific email account used as the Administrator for your business. That one email account becomes the 'Admin' for all your G-Suite tools.

Drop us an email or give us a call if you'd like to chat more to see if we can assist.

Or head back to G-Suite and get started now 🙂

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