Why do I Do What I Do?
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Why do I Do What I Do?

So - that's the question - WHY do I do what I do?

Because I love it! Yep! I sit in front of my PC for hours simply because I love it! But do I play games at some of that time? Never. I don't believe you learn much (if anything??) from playing games. And I love to soak up knowledge!

About 35 odd years ago I borrowed a giant big box that sat on top of the table with 2 floppy disks and starting pushing buttons.

I was typing text so I could see it on the screen and literally just wondering what things did - and I've done that ever since - pressed keys on my keyboard to see what happened. That's the only way to learn how to do anything!

My first PC cost about $4000 and came with a program called 'First Choice'. I had asked the salesperson to ensure the computer booted up so First Choice opened straight up - it didn't! I had a DOS C Prompt staring at me! What do I do now??? HELP!

I looked at the 5000-page instruction book (exaggerated) that came with it and worked my way forward.

Do mistakes happen? Yes of course! I've deleted stuff and I've lost material. What did I learn from that? BACKUP!!! But now you can mostly just hit ESC and back out of a mistake or go to the TRASH and pull back what you've undone.

So from that day moving forward I have been self-taught, I've read the odd book, I've listened and watched YouTube videos, I've read online articles and worked my way towards knowing what I do now. And as I go, working on client projects, I'm a BACKUP guru!!!

So I continue on, I'm still at my PC, I'm still helping clients and I'm still learning. I hope some of my journeys might inspire you to also keep on learning and keep on helping others.

Enjoy your day 🙂

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