Who is managing your website?
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Who is managing your website?

“Yes, I can look after the website – it’s easy”

Have you heard this before? It’s not easy! If your business uses the Microsoft Suite of products, most will understand how the toolbar works, how to create new pages, edit the work and make changes to the visual aspects of your site.

But a website is totally different.

Firstly someone needs to know how to access the administrator side of the website or perhaps log in to the front end. From here they will have a set of permissions allowing changes to be made to content, perhaps upload images and sometimes add new pages then add the menu item to link to those pages.

But then there’s creation of blocks of content, placement of those blocks, making those blocks fit where you want them and editing them to make them look the way you want.

Ideally there might be one or maybe 2 staff members delegated to manage your website – don’t give access to everyone, there’s only a limited number of people who might have the necessary skills to manage the site.

Do you have the time to manage your own website?

If you are managing the website yourself – have you really got the time needed to firstly remember ‘how you did it last time’ or ‘where do I find that page I need to add to?’

Is your website content being updated regularly?

All part of managing your website – this takes time, needs regular fresh content and besides, Google loves to see websites with regular fresh content.

Is the website being regularly updated?

All websites should have some sort of update system in place. In the backend framework of your site are modules, blocks, core systems, plug-ins etc – these all need updating – and regularly!

Why? Not all humans and ‘bots’ out there are the friendly kind, their goal is to find websites that are not maintained and therefore have security holes, in which they can inject code that allows your site to send out spam emails. And you don’t even know it’s happening!

So, is your website being managed in such a way that those updates are in place?

If not – we’d love to help!

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