What To Do With A Bad Google Review
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What To Do With A Bad Google Review

Turn your unhappy customer into a happy customer

The quickest approach to getting rid of a bad Google review is to communicate with your customer and work towards settling their issues in person. Creating a happy customer is much better than having a bad review which may in turn affect your businesses reputation.

Once the issue has been solved, politely ask if they would be able to remove their review and perhaps post another outlining how their issue was solved. Reviewers are able to adjust their ratings and comments at any time. YOu will find that most clients and customers are happy to delete or update their review when their issues has been solved and addressed by you quickly.

If individual posting a bad review are not a customer or client of yours and you don’t have their contact details, there’s not much you can do unfortunately.

For example a competitor providing the same goods or services as your business and writing a bad review of you is definitely a challenge for you to take action from and address.

Acknowledge the Review

Acknowledge quickly to the public regarding the bad Google review by placing a response to their review, is essential especially if you are unable to communicate with the reviewer,  Any potential customers and clients reading your response will see that you’re a responsive and understanding business.

It is better to try to make contact with a bad reviewer and solve the problem. Also thank them for the post they made.

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