What does your business branding look like?
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What does your business branding look like?

Consistency is key to success when it comes to branding. A logo and colours should be the same throughout all the platforms that your company is present on.

A logo makes up a company’s face to the world. That’s why it has to be consistent across all the platforms where your business is present.

The logo should be easily recognisable so it can become an identity for your brand. It needs to convey what your business is about, in an instant. Colours play an important role in making your logo recognisable, so they need to be consistent too.

Business branding is important for any company no matter what size it is. Colours are usually one of the first things people notice when they see a business logo, so consistency in colours will give your company brand more recognition and will help customers remember you.

A logo and colour consistency plan is a crucial step in establishing a long-term brand.

Pick a consistent and appealing colour palette and stick to it. Matching your logo with the new colours is not necessary; however, keep the logo design consistent with previous versions of your logo or with other logos in your industry.

The consistency plan also applies to typography. Use the same typeface for headlines and body copy, use the same fonts for headers and footers, limit the number of fonts used on a page; make sure there’s enough contrast between text colours and background colours, etc.

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