We're looking for new clients
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We're looking for new clients

Aren't we all 🙂

But yes, here at Miniwebs we usually manage 2 or 3 new clients each month but like any small business, we have our slow days!

If you are reading this then you are likely already one of our customers or you are still 'on the line' about actually taking that next step to saying 'Yes - let's do it!'.

Our core business is building websites, for both new businesses and current businesses looking to make a complete change in structure and layout, providing economical website hosting, providing support for that hosting account, and helping to set up and configure business email accounts.

New website builds are created mostly using WordPress and if you're looking to turn this into an E-Commerce setup then that's no problem as well.

We'd love for you to pass this email on to another business owner you may know who has mentioned their website in the past as needing some TLC!

Website Upgrades - if your website is a number of years old and has not been regularly updated and maintained, then perhaps it's time for that upgrade. We all read about how insecure older websites are and how they are susceptible to being hacked - no, doesn't happen to everyone but the minute it happens to you, you'll ask yourself "yikes, have a got a backup?' The more up-to-date your site is, the more secure it can be.

Website Maintenance: Maintaining and updating your website on a regular basis is also a must so that it doesn't fall into that category of 'old'. Some of our clients like to undertake the updates and maintenance themselves once the website is complete - but are those updates ever really done??? And do you know how to fix the site when a plugin or core update 'crashes' the website? Do you service your own car? Do you do your own regular dental maintenance? If not, then why do your own website maintenance?

The above are just a few of our services - make sure you contact us for anything you need online. We look forward to being able to help you out.

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