The biggest mistake when writing a blog post
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The biggest mistake when writing a blog post

Blogging ought to be one of your top 'to-do' items in your marketing strategy. But making errors that many bloggers make can reduce the traffic to your website.

So in this article, let's check out the most common mistakes when writing blog posts and how you can avoid them.

Remaining consistent with your blog posting is important - it keeps your website 'changing', keeps your name/business in front of users and hopefully helps to gather more leads and gain more clients/readers.
The more you blog, the more traffic you get, and the more clients you get. It's truly straightforward.

Writing without a clear goal
Your main goal isn't just to get another blog post up - it's to deliver value, empower your readers, and build your online supporters who engage in your regular content.

Have a go at asking yourself what readers want to know? What value do you want to give your readers?

Making articles unreadable
A typical mistake I find in any blog is writing in a style that doesn't reflect people's reading style. As bloggers, it's essential to make an article that can be easily 'skimmed' through so you readers can pick the pertinent points out that they may be interested in.

The easiest way to do this is with clear subheadings. Much the same as your title mentions to readers what to expect from your article, your subheadings should show what to expect from each section. Bullet points are one great way to use subheadings.

Typos and grammatical errors
Be sure to try and avoid grammatical errors and typos. This can turn some readers off before they've got past your first sentence! Pay attention to every word and phrase you write.

Make certain to compose noteworthy, long-form content that benefits the client. Effective, quality blogging can require significant investment - some bloggers use content writers to create their blogs - yes, this will cost money but should pay off in the long run!

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