Some of the biggest problems your website may have
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Some of the biggest problems your website may have

If you were a visitor to your website - what would you think? Is your website an attractive storefront or is it a bit of a mess? Is the design and navigation easy or confusing?

Here’s some things that indicate you may have a website problem

  1. Visual design is poor or outdated
    Tiny pictures that don’t enlarge, horrible old slideshow images, a common ‘boxed’ feel? Tiny font sizes, Can’t read the words on a mobile device.
    All are symptoms of older websites which were great way back when they wer built but - really, time for an update? Yes, it costs money but are your prospective customers turning away on first glance of your site?
  2. Slow to load
    Lots of factors here may be the cause of a slow loading website - your images might be large and need optimising (the most common cause)
  3. Lack of Quality images
    Time for some new ones - or a new website???
  4. Your website could be too ‘busy’
    Todays’ websites are big, open, lots of white space and fresh looking - is your’s full of little bits of clutter here, there and everywhere?
  5. Gosh - where did I come from? How did I get here?
    How’s your website navigation? Should be clear, consistent and easy to follow.
  6. Content
    Not enough, too much, doesn’t include keywords and phrases applicable to the page topic?
  7. Your website is not being found by website searches.
    A very common query by website owners - if you have an older website especially, it very likely had NO search engine optimisation features included. Years ago, we just built a website and hoped people would come. Now there’s so much competition out there to get people to your website, it has to be well optimised to include the required features to assist in obtaining web traffic.
  8. Can people contact you easily?
    Every website should have contact details and a form of address that indicates where your are located. Google likes that!!
  9. Security features overlooked
    All websites should have some form of Firewall, a Captcha test on forms and login security.

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