Road Tripping and listening to Podcasts
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Road Tripping and listening to Podcasts

Not exactly work related but my husband and I have just spent 2 weeks road-tripping to and from Adelaide, now with 4600kms under our belt! We love it. Driving those distances and in the middle of nowhere is not for everyone but Australia is a huge place and there’s so much out there we haven’t seen 🙂

So what do we do to while away all those hours in the car? I listen to a large number of podcasts - mostly web design related but a lot of small business ones as well including lots on Search Engine Optimisation and ways to improve your own online presence in today’s ever changing web world!

My discoveries

I need to spend more time managing my own business - as they say, I need to work ON my business not IN the business. That’s the reason this article is here! I’m simply letting you know that I’m still here 🙂

I am ‘supposedly’ a quiet type (although many would disagree) but I really feel for everyone being bombarded by emails with so much to read, most being discarded and our online world being consistently overloaded with information.
As such I don’t like to send too many emails out and even feel writing a blog is all too much but I really need you to know that I am here to help all my clients if you need and when you need. I do however ‘switch off’ after 4pm and until 9am although emails may still be looked at and the answer machine is still taking you messages.

Anyway, here’s a link to some Small Business Podcasts

Search Engine Optimisation Podcasts

And my favourite:


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