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Website Hosting is the provision of online 'space' to place your website with all it's files, images and documents so that your information is available to any website visitor. A website hosting service can also host your email accounts and the flow through of that 'traffic'.

It DOES cost money to have your website 'hosted' - similar to a phone company charging you monthly phone rental, your web hosting provider will charge you hosting fees either monthly, 3 or 6 monthly or most likely, annually.

Miniwebs has different levels of website hosting available,

  1. A 'Simple' hosting account for a small website which will use little data and low website visitors every month.
  2. A 'Personal' hosting account - perfect for someone with just 2 or 3 pages and not expecting a multitude of email. All email dat is counted towards bandwidth and data quotas.
  3. A 'Business' hosting account - this is by far our most popular account as it suits small business, has allowance for 10GB of data and plenty of bandwidth per month for any small business.
  4. An 'Enterprise' hosting account - ideal for a small business with a shopping cart, or where there are a number of email accounts in use, there will be a regular number of website visitors scrolling through the website/loggin in and out and data files are added regularly.

Please note than when considering a Hosting package, your email data IS included in your full data Disk Space allowance. eg If you were to receive a number of 3-4mB emails and not delete them when no longer required, a 'Simple' or 'Personal' Hosting account could fill up fairly quickly.

(All prices GST inclusive)

SimplePersonalBusinessEnterpriseEmail only
Annual Fee $ 110.00 $176.00 $231.00 $330.00 $110.00
Disk Space (includes email data) 1GB 2GB 10GB 20GB 1GB/Email Acct
Monthly Bandwidth 1GB 2GB 10GB 20GB 5GB total
Email Accounts 5 10 20 U/L 5
Mailing Lists 1 2 5 20 5
Auto Responders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spam Assassin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webmail Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Forwarding Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MYSQL Databases 1 5 10 20 0
FTP Accounts 1 5 10 20 0
CPanel Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes