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Brenda Baber - Founder of Miniwebs

Brenda Baber

Founder of Miniwebs

Whether it's a new or an updated website you are after, then I'm sure you have questions and just a few of the answers are below.

Brenda Baber from Miniwebs has helped hundreds of other small business over nearly 20 years with their website builds andmany of those clients are still in contact with brenda regularly for maintenance, email issues, updates, content changes etc.

If you are looking for a local web developer to create your new small business website then you've come to the right place. Brenda lives in Windaroo on the southside of Brisbane so is available for you to make a time to visit her and meet in person.

It may be hard to know where to start looking for someone to build your business website but we can certainly make that happen for you.

How much does a website cost?

Until we know what you want it's honestly hard to determine.
Our prices start from $2,000 for a non e-commerce website with e-commerce prices starting around $5,000.
Yes there are much cheaper developers out there. So why work with us?

Will our Website be mobile-friendly?

Our websites are always mobile responsive and can work seamlessly across all devices.

Do I need to get website hosting?

If you have already purchased website hosting, we are happy to upload your new website to your hosting account when it's all finalised. Your website will initially be built elsewhere until finished.
If you do not yet have any hosting arranged, we can provide that for you and will include your first year of hosting in our quote.
Website Hosting

How long will our Website take to build?

From receipt of your deposit, we always allow a time frame 8 weeks but that can vary from next week right through to the 8 weeks.
If you provide ALL your content and images as soon as possible, things will move much quicker.
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Will our Website show up on Google?

That's the million dollar question everyone wants to know the answer. The short answer is "probably not, in the early stage of a brand new website".

We build all our websites with a focus on getting your topics/page titles and descriptions of the pages/meta descriptions input whilst we are building your website and eventually Google and website visitors may find you but it can be a slow process.
Read our SEO Page

Can I edit my own website?

Of course! On completion of our project we give you full administrator access details to anything we have available for you - you've paid for it, it's yours!
However, where you are not at all computer savvy and want ongoing support, we do offer Care Packages that let us take 'care' of any and all edits, updates, minor modifications you may need.
Website Care Packages

What do you need to get your website started?

  • As many details about you and your requirements as you can provide (you can't build a house without telling your builder what you would like - likewise, we can't build your website without knowing what you need)
  • A logo if you have one, in the highest quality you have, alternatively we can create one for you.
  • You supply us with your text, preferably electronically and we will insert it into pages, sidebars etc.
  • You full business contact details including email address, phone, address
  • Preferred colour theme
  • A privacy policy if you have one - we can create a generic one if required
  • Any terms and conditions you may have
  • Content for the 'About us' page
  • Your services and/or products details
  • Any other websites you like the look of

If you have any questions, feel free to fill-out the form below. Alternatively, use our Request a Quote form to provide as many details as you can and allow us to send you a quote.

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What's included in a new website build?

  • A custom designed theme
  • An SSL Certificate
  • We will likely use WordPress to build your website.
  • A mobile-friendly website
  • An image gallery if you have requested one
  • Images you provide or we can source some for you
  • Consistent and User Friendly Navigation Menu items
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation that every website should have including Meta Descriptions, Key Phrases, Heading Tags, Logo links, Phone number readily accessible, Clean URL’s, Footer Site links, Sitemap, robots.txt file, Business address and Contact Details, Menu Navigation, Internal links, Privacy Policy, Favicon, SSL Certificate and more.
  • Any items we have specifically quoted for you based on your requests

What's NOT included in a new website build?

Unless specifically quoted for:

  • Multiple forms 
  • Multiple image galleries
  • A shopping cart 
  • Anything not included in your quote

Your website quotation will itemise your requested items.

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We are unable to give 'Quick' Quotes as items are often not initially requested or overlooked and can inadvertently add extra costs to a 'quick quote'.
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