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If you are looking for a local web developer to create your new small business website then you've come to the right place.

It may be hard to know where to start looking for someone to build your business website but we can certainly make that happen for you.

Brenda Baber - Founder of Miniwebs


Founder of Miniwebs

Why use Miniwebs?

  • Miniwebs is quite likely 'local' to you if you've found us on 'Google'.
  • If you are close by, you can drop in and discuss your requirements with us
  • We build responsive, mobile-friendly websites
  • We take care of your ongoing maintenance and support for your website
  • We make websites that provide the functionality YOU want.

What do you need for your own small business website?

  • A Domain Name
  • Somewhere to host your website
  • A web developer to create your website for you
  • Someone to help with the ongoing management and maintenance of your site

If that's what you are after - Miniwebs can help with all those items.


What do you need to get your website started?

  • A logo if you have one, in the highest quality you have, alternatively we can create one for you. (Design a Logo)
  • You supply us with your text, preferably electronically and we will insert it into pages, sidebars etc.
  • You full business contact details including email address, phone, address
  • Preferred colour theme
  • A privacy policy if you have one - we can create a generic one if required
  • Any terms and conditions you may have
  • Content for the 'About us' page

If required, we provide you with login access to get in and maintain your own content text and images. Not always easy if you're not on your website every day, but certainly 'do-able'. Like anything in your own business, the more often you do something the easier it becomes.

If you have questions, feel free to fill-out the form below.

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What's included in your new website?

  • A custom designed theme
  • An SSL Certificate
  • We will likely use WordPress to build your website.
  • A mobile-friendly website
  • An image gallery if you have requested one
  • Images you provide or we can source some for you
  • Consistent and User Friendly Navigation Menu items
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation that every website should have including Meta Descriptions, Key Phrases, Heading Tags, Logo links, Phone number readily accessible, Clean URL’s, Footer Site links, Sitemap, robots.txt file, Business address and Contact Details, Menu Navigation, Internal links, Privacy Policy, Favicon, SSL Certificate and more.
  • Any items we have specifically quoted for you based on your requests

What's NOT included?

  • Multiple forms after having been quoted for maybe a Contact form and one other
  • Multiple image galleries
  • A shopping cart unless quoted for
  • Anything not included in your quote

Your website quotation will itemise your requested items.

We are unable to give 'Quick' Quotes as items are often not initially requested or overlooked and can inadvertently add extra costs to a 'quick quote'.
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