Managing your own website
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Managing your own website

Do you have a business website? Managing your own website is not always easy.

  • Is the content updated as often as you would like?
  • Who is that one person on your staff who knows how to access the administrative side of the website and make those changes?
  • What happens when that one person leaves?
  • Is the framework of your website updated often?
  • And what about the plug-ins and modules?
  • Did you know that these should be updated on a regular basis?
  • Is there a full backup off-site for your website?

So when someone says 'hey, it's easy to run your own website' - is it really?? 

Do you know how your business website works and what needs updating on a regular basis?

Visit our website page "Website Maintenance"

By knowing how your website works, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your website is:

  • Secure from hacking.
  • Has the latest source code for it's framework.
  • All modules and plug-ins would be up to date.
  • Backed up off-site

The majority of our clients take advantage of our regular support service.We run those updates, keep your site clean and store a backup off site.

Let us help YOUR business in any of the above ways. Please reach out to us on 07 3804 1891 or email

Who services your car? Yourself, or do you take it to a mechanic?

Call us now! (07) 3804 1891 or complete the form below.

Visit our website page "Website Maintenance"

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