Making Changes to Your Website
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Making Changes to Your Website

Did you know that making changes to your website and keeping your content updated, will actually help your website visitor search results?

Google loves fresh content - new blog posts, changes to image galleries, new website pages, updating your current pages that have been around a while etc.

If you're wanting to get more visitors to your website, then CONTENT IS KING!

But that's all very well - HOW do you make those changes?

If you have a WordPress, or Joomla website, or Drupal or any other content management system, then you likely have been given your administrator access details at some stage.
If not, then if Miniwebs hosts your website, we can provide those for you - if you have a different hosting provider, you will need to contact them to ask how to get into your eg WordPress website.

In WordPress - the main areas to look at are 'Pages' or 'Posts'.
In Joomla - Menu Items 'Content/Articles' or 'Extensions/Modules' are a couple of areas to check out.

But the other alternative that many of our clients use - is simply to send us an email and ask for those changes to be made. This saves you the stress of 'how, what, where, don't know' etc. A few minor changes are quick and easy for us to do but where changes might take a little longer, we may need to charge a fee for time spent.

But whichever way you wish to make those changes - get on in and do it - the more often you can, the more Google will love you!

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