Keywords in your website Content
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Keywords in your website Content

Think you need to have 'lots' of Keywords on your site to make it rank well???


One of the most misunderstood concepts in optimizing your website is believing that you need heaps of keywords. You need to have targeted keywords relevant to your content i.e. TARGETED, RELEVANT, CONTENT. But these 'keywords' may also be short phrases and using these short phrases has now become the 'norm' as this is what people search for.

Think about what you yourself might do when searching for something - As such, your short phrases should be used with your content more

Most people search nowadays for a short phrase in Google - think of the phrases those customers might look for and include those as part of your content, and regularly. You're more than likely to put 'donkeys in the south of Spain' more than just 'donkeys' use these short phrases in your content more, not just individual words.

Keyword 'stuffing' as it has now become known, is a thing of the past and no longer aids in getting better rankings for your website. So don't overemphasize your keyword or short phrase more than you might use as if you were talking about your topic.


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