How to generate positive reviews for your business.
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How to generate positive reviews for your business.

Everything we look at nowadays or purchase, we are consistently 'reviewing' that product or service in our minds. But if you see that same product or service with someone's 'Review' you're likely to read it, to determine whether the item is worthwhile following up on or purchasing.

People really do like to share their opinions if you ask them for it. It makes them feel as though you value their support. It's likely if you get a large number of positive reviews, that you're going to end up with new customers simply because those customers read your reviews.

Reviews can give you the edge over competitors when a customer is making a decision. For businesses, the absolute best place to get reviews posted is on your Google My Business platform. Of course, if you don't already have an account - then it's time to set one up! (

So - how to get Google my Business reviews from your current/past customers?? A couple of secrets we can share ---- 

  1. Create an email that asks past customers to review your business.
  2. Make the call to action something like, “Click which star best defines your experience with our business,” and provide five stars that can be clicked in the email.
  3. Link the fourth and fifth star to your Google reviews submission.
  4. Link the stars one through three to a landing page where users can submit feedback to you.

By linking the fourth or fifth star to the Google review submission, you’ll get people who have had positive experiences with your company sharing them publicly.

When people are not as enthused about the brand, you aren’t writing off their experience, as the landing page they arrive on will still provide users the chance to review your business. The negative feedback provided can be used to improve your customer experience, which will lead to more positive reviews moving forward.

For new customers - use a thank you email and include a request for them to review your product/support.

Have fun getting more reviews on your Google My Business page.

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