How can we help?
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How can we help?

What we do at Miniwebs

Here at Miniwebs, our core focus is on:
1) Building new websites for small business
2) Updating your current website (may even need a whole new website depending on age and framework)
3) Providing ongoing and regular maintenance to your website
4) providing customer support for our clients - and even if you are not a regular client, we'd be happy to help.

Client concerns

The majority of our work (other than building brand new websites) is to answer client concerns:

  • Can we add this to our website, please
  • Can you remove that, please
  • Can we update our PHP version (will our website even RUN on a newer version??)
  • We need an SSL certificate installed
  • We can't find our previous web developer (or they've dropped out of existence) - yes we can help get you back on track!

Support Costs

Dependent on whether you are on a regular 'maintenance only' plan, a regular monthly support plan to assist with any issues or updates, or just use our ad-hoc service, will determine how much time and money is involved.

Cost to build a brand new website?

We have a comprehensive question and answer form with most of what we need to know - once we get your answers back, we can provide you with a quote to build a new site.

Cost to Upgrade your Website?

Just a website update? try this link

Please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email if you need some help.

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