How can I remember all my passwords?
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How can I remember all my passwords?

Everyone wants my username and password!! But how on earth can I remember them all? Some need uppercase characters, some need digits, some need to be 10 characters long, etc.

That old password you've used and kept for years is likely not going to be suitable anymore.

But there is a way.

An amazing Password Manager called 'Lastpass' can generate even 20 digit passwords, all different for every site you visit and then store them so the next time you go back to that site - you don't need to remember the password - Lastpass will do it for you.

And what's even better - install it on all your devices and everything synchronizes.

You only need to remember ONE MASTER PASSWORD.

The other thing you need to know is that LastPass must be turned ON on your device to ensure all your passwords are remembered - if you reload your browser, you'll need to switch it back on (usually an icon in your toolbar).

But enough from me - give it a whirl!

As a business owner you should DEFINITELY have systems in place to store all those passwords - and NOT in a notebook or bits of paper hanging around the office.

Give it a go - it's free!

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