How can I be found more easily by Google?
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How can I be found more easily by Google?

So you have a website that's been around for a while but you want it to be found by more people.

Competition in your field means you really need to do something as online visitors are finding your competitors more than they are finding you!

So what's wrong with your website and why aren't you being found?

There's probably nothing inherently wrong with your website but it will very likely lack the features that Google now requires you to have in order to be found more readily.

Let's have a look at what those are.

1. Page Titles - every one of your pages should have its own 'Page Title' of no more than 70 characters, and each of those page titles should be unique. Your Page Title should also hold a keyword or phrase relative to what the page is about.

2. Every page should have a 'Meta Description'. This should be under 155 characters and is the 'snippet' that Google and online searchers see when they are looking for your product or service. Your keywords and or phrases should be part of your Meta Description.

3. Your content should be broken up into easily read sections - there should be an H1 heading tag for the page and subsequent paragraphs should have an H2 heading tag.

4. Your images should be labeled and have a title - image123.jpg doesn't tell anyone what this image is - better to have something like this-is-my-image.jpg as the name of the image. All images should also have an Alt tag.

5. Keywords themselves have gone out of favor of the last few years but your content on each page should have your keyword/phrase mentioned at least 2 or 3 times. Do not spam your content with keywords - that's one quick way for Google to 'not like you'.

Some of (if not all of) the above are optimization features that are best modified by your web developer unless you have an understanding of them.

But there are loads more features your website requires to be found more readily by search engines - having a content strategy to update your site with fresh content, implementing a blog, creating links to relevant other areas of your site or to other websites, checking Google Search Console and Google Analytics as to what works and what doesn't and finding what people are looking for in your industry.

Your website is a functioning part of your business - keep it updated and fresh - add that new paint, change the furniture and floor coverings!

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