Has your web developer left you high and dry?
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Has your web developer left you high and dry?

You're a business owner and you have a website - but do you still have someone who knows the access to the backend of the website?

What about your Hosting Control Panel?

And your Domain name access?

Does that person know how to update your core website framework and all the plugins/modules it holds?

Here at Miniwebs we often have clients come to us who have no idea of any of the above - their website developer has 'gone' and 'no-one knows anything'.

Our job is to help put all those details together for you and onto one document - my theory is 'if I get hit by a bus tomorrow', you at least have your own information to pass on to a new developer.

The domain, hosting and website are all YOURS - you should have all that information recorded for reference, do not let any web developer tell you you can't have it, or it's not secure if you have it - encourage them to pass you the details, even if you don't understand them.

If you are a client of Miniwebs and would like your information sent to you (if we haven't already), please don't hesitate to contact us.

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