Don't get caught out by Spammers!
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Don't get caught out by Spammers!

Spam emails are an ongoing issues and it's unlikely we will ever be rid of it unfortunately.

Spam is different to everyone - some consider every unwanted email a spam email, others happily accept them then just delete them if not needed.

But 'real' and dangerous spam are the ones we all need to be aware of.

Nigerian Scams

We've all had these emails I'm sure!

You're about to inherit a large sum of money or someone is crying poor and desperately needs your help.

DON'T go any further - simply delete these emails. There's little sense nowadays in adding them to your unwanted recipient list - email addresses they come from are never the same!


Phishing is another common method used by spammers that can be very effective against less experienced and experienced email users alike. There are various kinds of phishing but ultimately it involves the spammer disguising themselves as someone else to gain information from the recipient. 

Usually, an email of this kind will appear to come from a trusted source or even from an email address or business you recognise. 

But beware of any internal links in that email or request to log in to your online banking account. You can check those links by hovering your mouse over the link to see the address it wants you to go to - often some very obscure email address!

Website Health and SEO

Wow! We all get these of late and yes, some of them are genuine but many are simply a scare tactic to make you panic believing your website or email address has been compromised. Or, they may simply be an attempt to make you sign up to an overseas SEO provider who may have little experience or value of worth.

If you are ever unsure how legitimate your incoming email is, please do not hesitate to contact us to verify.

If you are a Miniwebs customer and receive Domain Renewal notices from a source you don't recognise, once again, call us to verify.

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