Domain Renewals
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Domain Renewals

It seems that every now and then you might receive a letter by post from 'dubious' domain company, with what they call "An invitation to register" but looks suspiciously like an invoice and providing payment options of $249.00.

Myself and 2 other customers received our letters recently on the same day - anyone else??

If you hold your Domain Name/s with Miniwebs, please note that these letters DO NOT come from Miniwebs. If you read correctly, the domain name shown is not actually one you hold, it may be a .com variation. (If you are not sure where your domain is held, give us a call anyway!)

Besides, having to pay $249.00 is above and beyond what an actual ".com" domain costs.

As such, if you do receive a letter from another company, please contact us first to ensure you are not about to pay for something you do not need.

If you would like however to purchase the domain name on offer, please contact me - if it's a".com" domain it can be purchased for $44.00 for one year, not the huge sum as shown on the letter.

(NB: $249.00 from the company posting out letters is for 2 years registration - the equivalent from Miniwebs is under $70.00.)

Look forward to hearing your feedback.


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