Do you really need other Domain Names?
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Do you really need other Domain Names?

Many customers ask me should I buy other domain names similar to my own domain name?

In January 2020 there were approximately 1575 TLD's (top-level domains eg, .com, .net, .org, etc) with Google indicating then that the use of multiple TLD's did not affect your website ranking. Many of these might be classed as 'novelty' domains.

We all know that 'com is a universally accepted Top Level Domain and here in Australia, is the commonly used TLD. Every country usually has it's own TLD - eg Ireland uses .ie

So, do you need anything other than the domain you currently own?

If you only operate in Australia, then maybe not.

If your domain is well recognized and you want to protect it for branding purposes, then maybe yes. In this case, you might like to own .com,, .net,, etc.

Every domain has an associated cost and every domain need to be regularly renewed.

If you are 'parking' your domain on top of your current website, there can also be an associated annual cost to do so. Parking means if someone types in the .com and not the actual, it will redirect to your main website.

Acquiring an alternative domain name and leaving it to sit where you purchased it, does nothing except protecting the domain from being purchased by anyone else.

Here at Miniwebs we can acquire a domain name for you, register it in YOUR name and park it on a current website.

Feel free to contact us so we can help you out.

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