Creating Systems for your Staff
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Creating Systems for your Staff

If you're in a leadership position in your corporation or small business, you know that your employee/s can make or break the success of your business. Hardworking employees will bring you success, however, those not so inclined may bring you down.

Implementing systems for your staff

Implementing systems for your staff is one of the best things you can do for your business. Systems can give provide many benefits if you properly design them - it stops your staff from having to ask you how to do something all the time, it frees up work time for you and allows you to get on with those tasks you just don't seem to get around to otherwise. Employees will become accountable with regard to their work if they have not followed your systems.

Systems can improve an employee's performance and it's your goal to provide that proper education for them so they can work autonomously without having to interact with you on every small repetitive task that needs doing. These creates a much more efficient workplace.

What do we do at Miniwebs?

We have remote staff who work outside of a traditional office environment, there are systems in place so once a task is allocated to that remote staff member, they can simply follow the system and complete the task.

Google Sites

Our systems are created in "Google Sites". Tasks are allocated in "Asana" where comments can move back and forth as to the status of a task. Communication is used through "Skype" and "Asana" comments. Creating systems for project management applications like building our websites, follow up maintenance, etc, allows our staff to follow procedures and stay connected with our main office at the same time. Many of these available applications can help you to organize, track, assign, and manage the work of your team.

Your staff will still reach out to you for direction and motivation, so it's essential that you set a good example to gain their respect. Often times you'll need to update your systems and even create new ones as you discover new tasks that need attending to.

Create online Systems for every small task

Create online Systems for every small task - even how to clean the coffee machine!

Assign your staff those tasks that you have created a system for and let them work independently.

Have an online platform to communicate regularly with your staff.

Good luck! Systems work!

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