Common Misconceptions about managing your own website
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Common Misconceptions about managing your own website

Do you have a business website?
Is the content updated regularly?
Is there just the one person on your staff who knows how to access the administrative side of the website and make those changes?
What happens when that one person leaves?
Is the framework of your website is updated regularly?
And what about the plug-ins and modules? Did you know that these need to be updated regularly?
Is there a full backup off-site for your website?

These questions and more can often be the misconceptions where someone says 'hey, it's easy to run your own website' - but really?? 
Do you really  have full control and knowledge of how your business website works and what needs updating regularly?

By knowing all of this, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your website is secure from hacking, it has the latest source code for it's framework, all your modules and plug-ins are updated and most important, you have a backup off-site in the unlikely event that something happens to your server - where you lose everything - INCLUDING all your server emails if you use the server for emailing.

Here at Miniwebs, the majority of our clients take advantage of the regular support service we offer in running all those updates and backups. A number of those clients also use our services to make changes to their website content, as and when they require changes to be made.

If we can help to support YOUR business in any of the above ways, please reach out to us on 07 3188 5804 or email

We'll take the worry and frustration of website changes and maintenance away from you - it's a bit like getting your car serviced, it's a skill some of us might know how to do, but in the long run, the mechanic is the best person for the job!

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