Can you please tell me what my password is?
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Can you please tell me what my password is?

We are living in the digital age now and almost every website/activity we engage with, wants us to log in with a username and password and then we are expected to remember them all!

As an administrator for many client websites and email accounts, I get asked so often 'do you know what my password is?' The short answer is 'No'.

Passwords are YOURS - you should be the only one who knows them.

As a business owner you should DEFINITELY have systems in place to store all those passwords - and NOT in a notebook or bits of paper hanging around the office.

LastPass ( - it's an amazing tool to store your usernames and passwords without you having to remember them.

How does it work?

Firstly you'll need to download the application and install it onto your computer or device. You create one MASTER password for Lastpass - different to any others you use - but this one you WILL need to remember or store somewhere safe.

Once installed and activated, every time you now access a website and login 'LastPass' will ask you if you would like to store that password - your answer? YES.

So now, in 3 weeks' time when you go back to that website, Lastpass will simply enter the details for you automatically. (Provided the Lastpass App is still active).

Save a password once and it's then available on all devices you install (and activate) Lastpass onto.


Upgrade your account for a minimal fee and you can share your login details with other staff members/ family members, without them knowing or even seeing your password. You'll need to create special 'shared' folders where you save those passwords. Your personal ones can be kept away from the Shared folder.

Give it a go - it's free!

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