Choose a great Domain Name for your new business!

How to choose a great Domain Name for your business.

A Domain Name is your online address and is where someone might go to 'find you'.

Like your home address, it is unique to you, no-one else can have the same domain name.

But that's for the WHOLE domain name - eg, and are 3 different domain names and can be owned by 3 different people.

If you own a domain name and you don't want anyone to have any ressemblance to the name you own, then it may be worth acquiring that same domain with an alternate suffix.
Domain Name Registration
If you are only going to have your business readily visible in the one country eg Australia, then just the "." may be all you need. 

If you are considering trading on a global scale you may like to obtain the ".com" variation as well - just in case you need it for the future! 

However it is worth remembering that any name you do NOT acquire can easily be purchased by another party and that becomes very hard to get back if you've missed out!

Your domain name should be:
  • Similar to your business name and/or brand where possible
  • Short and easy to spell (So others can recall it easily)
  • Memorable
  • Available!

For Australian companies the ideal domain name will usually be a or .com.

Where can I get a Domain Name?

There are a multitude of domain name sellers! 

External providers such as 'Crazy Domains' and 'GoDaddy' are great for searching for a suitable name and will make the process fairly easy for you.

However, you can also purchasse your domain name here :

How much does a Domain Name cost?

A Domain name is relatively cheap but needs to be registered on a regular basis to retain ownership.

This can vary anything from 1 year up but may also be dependent on the actual domain suffix.

What makes a good name?

As mentioned above - choose a great domain name similar to your business name if you can.

Trading in Australia only? Is it available as a "" or the new ".au"? 

Thinking of trading overseas later? Is it also available as ".com"?

The shorter the better - eg would be considered a long name and if the spelling of your name is tricky, this can later be 'a pain' having to spell words out all the time! Especially when people ask for your email address!

Try a shorter version eg

My preferred name is not available

Anyone globally can purchase a domain name - even one that is the same as your business name. 

In Australia you need an ABN to purchase a '' domain name however if you want a '.com' domain, that can sometimes be more difficult to obtain if you are looking for a fairly easy name. ".au" domain names are fairly new so they are worth checking out.

Some of the domain name providers can run searches for you - you'll eventually come up with something you like!

HELP! This is all too hard!

Fear not! Allow us to help!

Here at Miniwebs, we can search for and acquire a domain name - registered to YOU and YOUR ABN!

If anyone else is buying a domain name for you - we can't stress how important it is that a domain name should be registered in YOUR name and ABN. 

Whoever has ownership of a domain name has full control over it and one day, if things go sour, may not let you have access to it.

This could then affect your website and all the links you have built up over time.

Use the form on the right and mark the subject as Domain Name help - with a message of proposed domain name/s you are interested in. We'll help find the best available for you.

Contact us if you're not sure where to go from here.
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