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Creating a Blog

One of the simplest ways to add content is to create a news section that you can update on a daily or weekly basis.  You could launch this in the form of a blog, which our website designers could easily arrange for you at CSI Media. Then you could provide an RSS feed so that […]

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Can you please tell me what my password is?

We are living in the digital age now and almost every website/activity we engage with, wants us to log in with a username and password and then we are expected to remember them all! As an administrator for many client websites and email accounts, I get asked so often 'do you know what my password […]

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Step-By-Step Guide to Building a WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress website is something many small business people would like to do themselves - well at least have a go! Below, is a great article on building your own WordPress website. You will of course need a Domain Name and website hosting but Miniwebs can help you with both of those PLUS we […]

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Don't get caught out by Spammers!

Spam emails are an ongoing issues and it's unlikely we will ever be rid of it unfortunately. Spam is different to everyone - some consider every unwanted email a spam email, others happily accept them then just delete them if not needed. But 'real' and dangerous spam are the ones we all need to be […]

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13 things to do before you start or re-build your website

Many things in our business life need to be pre-planned and starting or re-building a website is no exceptions. Here are some tips you need to be aware of before you get started:  Make sure you select a domain name that you can say over the phone and not have to spell out every time […]

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Amazing Stuff from conference last week

I've had a busy couple of weeks with 2 conferences to attend. In Sydney, I attended the "Business Blueprint" conference you may have heard me talk about before. We had 4 days of amazing speakers from finance, marketing, tech tools, training and lead generation. If you ever want to just get a glimpse into what […]

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