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I can't help you here.

Do you post regularly to Instagram? Good question! But no, I don't. Why? I guess basically because there is so much digital information and knowledge out there to learn that it's just one more thing I think 'I'm not interested in learning that'. Instagram turned 10 years old in 2020 - it is the 6th […]

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Do you really need other Domain Names?

Many customers ask me should I buy other domain names similar to my own domain name? In January 2020 there were approximately 1575 TLD's (top-level domains eg .com.au, .com, .net, .org, etc) with Google indicating then that the use of multiple TLD's did not affect your website ranking. Many of these might be classed as […]

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Who is managing your website?

“Yes, I can look after the website – it’s easy” Have you heard this before? It’s not easy! If your business uses the Microsoft Suite of products, most will understand how the toolbar works, how to create new pages, edit the work, and make changes to the visual aspects of your site. But a website […]

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Has your web developer left you high and dry?

You're a business owner and you have a website - but do you still have someone who knows the access to the backend of the website? What about your Hosting Control Panel? And your Domain name access? Does that person know how to update your core website framework and all the plugins/modules it holds? Here […]

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How can I remember all my passwords?

Everyone wants my username and password!! But how on earth can I remember them all? Some need uppercase characters, some need digits, some need to be 10 characters long, etc. That old password you've used and kept for years is likely not going to be suitable anymore. But there is a way. An amazing Password […]

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You Should have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Coming into 2021, your website must be responsive. In this ever-changing landscape of websites and SEO, we now find that Google is only indexing mobile-friendly websites. As such, if your website is NOT mobile friendly, then it's more than likely going to be overlooked for any Google ranking. Building a mobile-friendly website is the only […]

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