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What we do at Miniwebs Here at Miniwebs, our core focus is on:1) Building new websites for small business2) Updating your current website (may even need a whole new website depending on age and framework)3) Providing ongoing and regular maintenance to your website4) providing customer support for our clients - and even if you are […]

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A Tale of Too Many Emails

Emails can be a pain! We all know that and it really is important to set yourself up some sort of process to purge your account every now and then. For the second time this month, I have been approached by a client who had a Bigpond email account but they could no longer receive […]

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Have you visited your own website lately?

If you were a visitor to your own website - what would you think? Is your website an attractive storefront or is it a bit of a mess? Are the design and navigation easy or confusing? Here are some things that indicate you may need to do some work on it or get someone to […]

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What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. It is mostly used in e-commerce websites when customers are completing their financial transactions. We use HTTPS when we want our data to be encrypted. It is currently the most secure way to transmit data over the internet. It encrypts information in transit so that it cannot be […]

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What does your business branding look like?

Consistency is key to success when it comes to branding. A logo and colours should be the same throughout all the platforms that your company is present on. A logo makes up a company’s face to the world. That’s why it has to be consistent across all the platforms where your business is present. The […]

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5 ways to make the most of your weekend

1) Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones Spending quality time with loved ones is important for both you and your family. It can help to strengthen relationships, create new memories, and find happiness through each other. It's not easy in our busy lives, finding that time, but here are some really easy ways that people […]

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