If you were a visitor to your website - what would you think? Is your website an attractive storefront or is it a bit of a mess? Is the design and navigation easy or confusing?

Here’s some things that indicate you may have a website problem

Visual design is poor or outdated

  • Tiny pictures that don’t enlarge, horrible old slideshow images, a common ‘boxed’ feel? Tiny font sizes, Can’t read the words on a mobile device.

  • All are symptoms of older websites which were great way back when they wer built but - really, time for an update? Yes, it costs money but are your prospective customers.....

Do you know what platform your website is built on? Wordpress? Joomla? Drupal? or another CMS system? Or is it still an HTML website?

Do you even know how to access your website to make any changes?

Or, do you know who your hosting provider is? (They would likely send you a bill every year to keep your website active?)

Are you keen to start to learn about this part of your business?

One might say as business owners we know everything about our business but a staggering number of business owners have a website online but no idea of how to manage it and keep it updated. It should be.....

There's loads of easy tech tools out there to help in your business but here's just a couple of quick ones - more next week! 

One of my favourites!


Enter your keyword & he’ll suggest content ideas in seconds..

Free Images

We all like to find free images we can legally use so here's a couple of websites you may or may not know about:

https://pexels.com - advertised as "The best free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators."

https://unsplash.com - The internet’s source of freely useable images.

Both of these sites you simply enter.....

Did you know that making changes to your website and keeping your content updated, will actually help your website visitor search results?

Google loves fresh content - new blog posts, changes to image galleries, new website pages, updating your current pages that have been around a while etc.

If you're wanting to get more visitors to your website, then CONTENT IS KING!

But that's all very well - HOW do you make those changes?

If you have a Wordpress, or Joomla website, or Drupal or any other content management system, then you likely have been given your administrator access details at.....

Ever wondered what the best image sizes are for your Facebook/Pinterest/Google My Business / LinkedIn etc, images are?
Here's a latest 2019 run-down of optimum dimensions for your images.

Page Cover Photo - 1200 x 675px (allow for cropping top and bottom)
Group Cover Photo - 1640px x 859px (allow for cropping top and bottom)
Event Cover Photo - 1200px x 675px
Profile Picture - 170px x 170px - can be larger but square, crops in round
Link Image - 1200px x 628px
Photo Post - Optimal widths 720, 960, 2048 - height up to 2:3
Facebook prioritises images with less text. (20% rule no longer.....

Do you have a business website?
Is the content updated regularly?
Is there just the one person on your staff who knows how to access the administration side of the website and make those changes.
What happens when that one person leaves?
Is the framework of your website being updated regularly?
And what about the plug-ins and modules? Did you know that these need to be updated regularly?
Is there a full backup off-site for your website?

These questions and more can often be the misconceptions where someone says 'hey, it's easy to run your own website' - but really?? 
Do you really  have.....

We love working out what makes things tick and how to implement it into our every day business lives.

Everything we do at Miniwebs is based on the intrigue of working online, what makes things tick, learning and being able to pass on our knowledge.

We manage to do all this learning by spending long periods of time online - learning, updating and improving our knowledge skill set.

We’re good at what we do and when speaking with you, we ask the right questions so we can offer you the best advice possible.

We are then able to deliver our services of providing online website support from.....

Clearing your web browser's cache, cookies, and history will often clear up issues you are having regarding not seeing some updated content you are expecting or a site not loading as expected. But doing so may also remove some data that you wish to keep.

Often it's just a case of you re-entering a browser URL again but in the past (and based on the number of websites I visit a day), I have never had an issue clicking 'clear everything). But before you actually click 'clear everything', you may like to read the 'fine print' as to what you are about to do.

“Yes, I can look after the website – it’s easy”

Have you heard this before? It’s not easy! If your business uses the Microsoft Suite of products, most will understand how the toolbar works, how to create new pages, edit the work and make changes to the visual aspects of your site.

Ever thought you might like to build your own website? Know where to start?

I first built a website over 15 years ago and simply learnt ‘on the run’. The website was for our family small business so I started small, made the first things I learnt ’work’ then moved on to the next task. Slowly but surely.

Having a web developer or a 3rd party managing your website and creating your content updates is great but if your website is one using a Content Management System, then you have the power to manage your own content.
Granted it’s hard find your way around a website that a developer has spent years learning ‘their’ way around but sometimes you just want to add a new blog post each week or change the text in a couple of sentences.


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