Creating a Wordpress website is something many small business people would like to do themselves - well at least have a go!

Below, is a great article on building your own Wordpress website.



You will of course need a Domain Name and website hosting but Miniwebs can help you with both of those PLUS we can install Wordpress ready for you to use and work with. No need to worry about the technical side of things.


Contact us at Miniwebs and we’ll get you started!



How to make a website

Okay, here’s the plan for what we’re going to do in the next steps. The important thing to note is that it’s all DIY-able (if that’s a word) and that we’re minimising the costs for you wherever possible.

In short, what you’ll end up with at the end of this guide is a website you’ve created yourself that won’t put you into debt. Here’s what we’ll go through:

  1. Decide on a Domain name, if you haven’t already, it should be as close to or similar to our own business name. Think of one as short as possible and easy to type - if you are only using Australia as your base, then .com.au is the way to go. Miniwebs can acquire a domain name for you (registered in your name) - no need to worry about how to do that. 

  2. You DO need website hosting - at Miniwebs we can set that up for you so you don’t need to worry about the technicalities.

  3. Build your site with Wordpress (known as a Content Management System). It is considered one of the easier platforms for ‘non-developers’ to build a website with whilst allowing full flexibility in what you can add on for no extra (or little) cost. Many of the online platforms whilst easy to build with often cost a base amount per month (in USD) but add bits on and the cost goes up every time.

  4. Head to our website contact page, fill out all you need and we’ll get back to you ASAP. https://www.miniwebs.com.au/basic-website-setup.




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