Creating a Wordpress website is something many small business people would like to do themselves - well at least have a go!

Below, is a great article on building your own Wordpress website.



You will of course need a Domain Name and website hosting but Miniwebs can help you with both of those PLUS we can install Wordpress ready for you to use and work with. No need to worry about the technical side of things.


Contact us at Miniwebs and we’ll get you started!



How to make a website

Okay, here’s the plan.....

Spam emails are an ongoing issues and it's unlikely we will ever be rid of it unfortunately.

Spam is different to everyone - some consider every unwanted email a spam email, others happily accept them then just delete them if not needed.

But 'real' and dangerous spam are the ones we all need to be aware of.


Nigerian Scams

We've all had these emails I'm sure!

You're about to inherit a large sum of money or someone is crying poor and desperately needs your help.

DON'T go any further - simply delete these emails. There's little sense nowadays in adding them to your unwanted.....

Many things in our business life need to be pre-planned and starting or re-building a website is no exceptions. Here are some tips you need to be aware of before you get started: 

  1. Make sure you select a domain name that you can say over the phone and not have to spell out every time you talk to someone. Choose a name that's short and easy to remember.
  2. Make sure your domain name is registered in YOUR name or your business name, not with the person who may be assisting you.

  3. Have access to and own your own hosting account - if someone is setting this up for you, ensure you will.....

I've had a busy couple of weeks with 2 conferences to attend. In Sydney, I attended the "Business Blueprint" conference you may have heard me talk about before.

We had 4 days of amazing speakers from finance, marketing, tech tools, training and lead generation. If you ever want to just get a glimpse into what Business Blueprint is all about, then you should check out the 52Ways One Day seminars that are absolutely FREE to attend.

Why '52' Ways?

Dale Beaumont, the founder of Business Blueprint runs through exactly 52 ways you can improve your business using some amazing strategies and.....

Using a MAC?

Giphy Capture - GIPHY CAPTURE is the best way to create GIFs on your Mac. Simple, powerful, free, and easy enough for pretty much everyone and even a few small mammals.




Do you regularly share  information? Add a call-to-action to every link you share using snip.ly




Free slogan maker - Discover catchy slogan ideas for your brand, simply enter a word into the generator and you're given loads of ideas for a catchy slogan.

PDF Candy

Convert anything to or from a PDF format - Compress a PDF - Convert to a JPG file





The super fast colour schemes generator!

Create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds!




A revolutionary all in one video hosting solution with a suite of video marketing tools that helps you grow with video. Free and Paid versions.


Until next week.....



If you were a visitor to your website - what would you think? Is your website an attractive storefront or is it a bit of a mess? Is the design and navigation easy or confusing?

Here’s some things that indicate you may have a website problem

Visual design is poor or outdated

  • Tiny pictures that don’t enlarge, horrible old slideshow images, a common ‘boxed’ feel? Tiny font sizes, Can’t read the words on a mobile device.

  • All are symptoms of older websites which were great way back when they wer built but - really, time for an update? Yes, it costs money but are your prospective customers.....

Listed below are some of the mistakes you try to avoid when acquiring a new domain name:
1. Taking the domain/business name decision lightly
Don’t just buy the first domain that looks good. Many people do this only to seriously regret it later. Make sure you treat the domain/business name as a serious decision.
2. Thinking small instead of big
Starting out small doesn’t mean you will remain small. Cornering yourself into a niche or locale can limit your potential. Thinking big from the start can expand your world of opportunity.
3. Thinking “good enough” instead of.....


A Virtual Assistant may be an office administration professional, an SEO specialist, a web developer or any other individual who works from the comfort of their own home office or a leased office space or anywhere they want to be!



A Virtual Assistant can be engaged from overseas or here in Australia and generally works online completing tasks you assign to them.


What does a Virtual Assistant do? 

Well, there are endless ways this can be answered, but in short, a Virtual Assistant does the majority of things that a personal assistant or office.....


Create mockups, logos, videos & designs in seconds!





Get your own "About Me" page here - upload your image, add an email signature, a website URL, your bio.




Connect your team with a business communication platform that powers voice, video, messages, and meetings across your existing devices.



Good Email Copy

Looking for inspiration on what to write in some of your emails? Welcome emails, invoicing issues, invitations and more.

Do you know what platform your website is built on? Wordpress? Joomla? Drupal? or another CMS system? Or is it still an HTML website?

Do you even know how to access your website to make any changes?

Or, do you know who your hosting provider is? (They would likely send you a bill every year to keep your website active?)

Are you keen to start to learn about this part of your business?

One might say as business owners we know everything about our business but a staggering number of business owners have a website online but no idea of how to manage it and keep it updated. It should be.....

There's loads of easy tech tools out there to help in your business but here's just a couple of quick ones - more next week! 

One of my favourites!


Enter your keyword & he’ll suggest content ideas in seconds..

Free Images

We all like to find free images we can legally use so here's a couple of websites you may or may not know about:

https://pexels.com - advertised as "The best free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators."

https://unsplash.com - The internet’s source of freely useable images.

Both of these sites you simply enter.....

Did you know that making changes to your website and keeping your content updated, will actually help your website visitor search results?

Google loves fresh content - new blog posts, changes to image galleries, new website pages, updating your current pages that have been around a while etc.

If you're wanting to get more visitors to your website, then CONTENT IS KING!

But that's all very well - HOW do you make those changes?

If you have a Wordpress, or Joomla website, or Drupal or any other content management system, then you likely have been given your administrator access details at.....

Ever wondered what the best image sizes are for your Facebook/Pinterest/Google My Business / LinkedIn etc, images are?
Here's a latest 2019 run-down of optimum dimensions for your images.




Page Cover Photo - 1200 x 675px (allow for cropping top and bottom)
Group Cover Photo - 1640px x 859px (allow for cropping top and bottom)
Event Cover Photo - 1200px x 675px
Profile Picture - 170px x 170px - can be larger but square, crops in round
Link Image - 1200px x 628px
Photo Post - Optimal widths 720, 960, 2048 - height up to 2:3
Facebook prioritises images with less text.....

As per the bounce-back message - the inbox was full and needs to be increased via CPanel

But for a long term solution, I would highly recommend a switch to the likes of G-suite where the minimum use email is 15-30GB whereas a server can not generally hold that amount of email. It's dedicated email and is much more

G-Suite is a paid dedicated service - like anything, you get what you pay for but have a look at G-Suite anyway - I recommend all users of higher level email, to transfer to G-Suite.

It's a long term and much preferred solution and I do have a Google Provider who can assist in.....

Content that flashes or flickers can trigger seizures in susceptible individuals. Therefore flashing or flickering content should be avoided.

The best technique for addressing this issue is to avoid using content that flashes or flickers. Not only can it cause seizures, but it’s likely to be annoying or distracting for users in general.

Do you have a business website?
Is the content updated regularly?
Is there just the one person on your staff who knows how to access the administration side of the website and make those changes.
What happens when that one person leaves?
Is the framework of your website being updated regularly?
And what about the plug-ins and modules? Did you know that these need to be updated regularly?
Is there a full backup off-site for your website?

These questions and more can often be the misconceptions where someone says 'hey, it's easy to run your own website' - but really?? 
Do you really  have.....

If you were a visitor to your website - what would you think? Is your website an attractive storefront or is it a bit of a mess? Is the design and navigation easy or confusing?

Here’s some things that indicate you may have a website problem

  1. Visual design is poor or outdated
    Tiny pictures that don’t enlarge, horrible old slideshow images, a common ‘boxed’ feel? Tiny font sizes, Can’t read the words on a mobile device.
    All are symptoms of older websites which were great way back when they wer built but - really, time for an update? Yes, it costs money but are your prospective customers.....

We love working out what makes things tick and how to implement it into our every day business lives.

Everything we do at Miniwebs is based on the intrigue of working online, what makes things tick, learning and being able to pass on our knowledge.

We manage to do all this learning by spending long periods of time online - learning, updating and improving our knowledge skill set.

We’re good at what we do and when speaking with you, we ask the right questions so we can offer you the best advice possible.

How much does a New Website cost?

To build a new website and have it activated live online, you need the following:

A Domain name  |  Website hosting  |  A website build

The cost of a website created with Miniwebs, includes your hosting and a domain name.

Here’s some plans to get you thinking.....

Clients are often concerned at why their website is not ranking higher on Google Search results.
Here's just some of the features you need to start making that happen - and these are nothing to do with PAID SEO - that's a whole other ball-game!
  • Have a domain name which contains your keywords.
  • Move your site to HTTPS if you use the personal data of users online.
  • Have Google and Bing Webmaster Tools accounts.
  • Use Google Tag Manager to manage all of your site tracking activities in one place.
  • Optimise the TITLEs of your pages for the targeted keywords.
  • Use a Landing Page SEO report to.....

Over the years and without any maintenance or updates, our business websites can be come insecure, outdated and of late, not mobile friendly.

They are also more prone to being hacked if they become outdated and not maintained.

If you've ever looked at someone else's website and it's not 'mobile-friendly' on your own device, I'm sure you simply move on to another site that is up to date and easy to navigate.

Working too many hours? Not enough Profit? Overwhelmed?

If you haven't yet been to a "52 Ways" Seminar, it's coming back to Brisbane - and it's FREE to attend!

This has been the best seminar I have ever attended and literally provides 52 things you can do to improve your business.

Here at Miniwebs, we use "Asana" - https://asana.com

Each of our customers have their own 'Project' and whenever a website update task comes in from a client, a 'Task' is created under the Project.

That task can have a due date assigned to it and all tasks can be sorted by due date, or Project, however we wish.

But not only that - you can have other staff members on your team and assign projects and tasks to them as required.

Recurring tasks can be allocated - they just pop up onto todays task as they become due.

But like everything, it's all trial and error but I highly recommend Asana.....

On-page SEO is the practice of optimising individual webpages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

On-Page SEO includes (but not limited to): Meta Robots tag, Robots.txt, including your URL in your sitemap, internal links on each of your pages, having an SSL installed, Heading Tags, Page Titles and Meta Descriptions.

Working too many hours? Not enough Profit? Overwhelmed?

If you haven't yet been to a "52 Ways" Seminar, it's coming back to Brisbane - and it's FREE to attend!

his has been the best seminar I have ever attended and literally provides 52 things you can do to improve your business.

What do you do when Search Console is detecting mobile usability issues on your site?

When one webmaster took to the Webmaster Help Forum asking for help and noting that the problem is  

A) content wider than the screen and B) links too close together

John Mueller gave his expert opinion replying with:

 “One of the problems I see here is that we have a really hard time crawling your site -- the server is slow in responding,

which means we can't crawl as much as we'd need to properly understand your website.

In particular, sometimes we can't request the various.....

Page one of search results is what all business owners would like to achieve. But getting there is hard work and staying there is probably even harder! That's where SEO comes in.

Search engine optimization (SEO), in its simplest terms, is the process of making changes to your website to make it more visible to search engines and improve your site's rank.

Starting and building a website is no longer as difficult as it once was. There are a multitude of tutorials and videos online to help you along the way. But like anything, if you want a complicated multi-page site with lots of different features then yes, you probably are better off getting a web developer or agemcy to do this for you. And of course, here at Miniwebs we can do that for you :)

Have you noticed an increase of spam since building your website?

Is that email spam driving you crazy?

If you answered yes to the above then it’s time to find a way to protect your email address from the hackers who scrape websites for email addresses and then sell them to spammers who fill your inbox with crap.

Clearing your web browser's cache, cookies, and history will often clear up issues you are having regarding not seeing some updated content you are expecting or a site not loading as expected. But doing so may also remove some data that you wish to keep.

Often it's just a case of you re-entering a browser URL again but in the past (and based on the number of websites I visit a day), I have never had an issue clicking 'clear everything). But before you actually click 'clear everything', you may like to read the 'fine print' as to what you are about to do.

Blogging is almost becoming essential to maintaining an online presence, standing out above the competition, and even obtaining customers.

If you want to make yourself known to your target audience, your business needs a blog.

A 'Google My Business' listing is totally free.

If you do not have a Google Account, the first thing you need to do is Create a Google Email Address

Next, sign up for Google My Business listing for what your business is and follow the instructions as given in making your GMB listing. You need to complete all the information asked by Google and ensure every detail is filled including your business location,  phone number, maybe a picture of your work venue etc.

Turn your unhappy customer into a happy customer

The quickest approach to getting rid of a bad Google review is to communicate with your customer and work towards settling their issues in person. Creating a happy customer is much better than having a bad review which may in turn affect your businesses reputation.

Email delivery methods over the last few years have changed dramatically.

Firstly we used POP (Post Office Protocol) to download and store our email, then came IMAP, where one could synchronise email with the server and as is common now, with all your devices.

“Yes, I can look after the website – it’s easy”

Have you heard this before? It’s not easy! If your business uses the Microsoft Suite of products, most will understand how the toolbar works, how to create new pages, edit the work and make changes to the visual aspects of your site.

Nowadays, it's extremely important for your business to have a nice-looking, easy-to-use responsive website. Many people, while doing their research, check your business's online presence along with your competitors' before they call you or fill out a "request a quote" form.

Over the years, that number has been a moving target.

Once upon a time, SEO consultants recommended that every page has at least 250 words.

Ever thought you might like to build your own website? Know where to start?

I first built a website over 15 years ago and simply learnt ‘on the run’. The website was for our family small business so I started small, made the first things I learnt ’work’ then moved on to the next task. Slowly but surely.

Having a web developer or a 3rd party managing your website and creating your content updates is great but if your website is one using a Content Management System, then you have the power to manage your own content.
Granted it’s hard find your way around a website that a developer has spent years learning ‘their’ way around but sometimes you just want to add a new blog post each week or change the text in a couple of sentences.

You may have read lately about using an SSL Certificate on your website and how important it is. Here’s a brief explanation.

  • WITHOUT an SSL, any computer in between you and the website you are about to enter your information onto, can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords.
  • WITH an SSL certificate installed, that information is encrypted.

So, if you are a website owner and collecting customer information is part of what you do, unless you have an SSL Certificate installed, the information your customer is providing to you, is not secure.

Even if your site doesn't handle.....

Listening to Podcasts on our homeward journey

Not exactly work related but my husband and I have just spent 2 weeks road-tripping to and from Adelaide, now with 4600kms under our belt! We love it. Driving those distances and in the middle of nowhere is not for everyone but Australia is a huge place and there’s so much out there we haven’t seen :)

So what do we do to while away all those hours in the car? I listen to a large number of podcasts - mostly web design related but a lot of small business ones as well including lots on Search Engine Optimisation and ways to improve your own online presence in today’s ever changing web world!

There is no one 'magic bullet' that will increase your page rankings on Google - Keywords, Keyword Density, Title, Heading Tags, Site Description, Page Title Descriptions, Alt Tags, Quality content (you can't beat that!), blogs, geo-targeting,  other sites linking to yours, competition, good site navigation, staying current on your industry news, get active on Social Media (if you don't have a business/fan page - contact me to get one up and running for you.), take action!

If you need that 'bullet' improved, make sure you contact us!

Think you need to have 'lots' of Keywords in your site to make it rank well??? Wrong. One of the most misunderstood concepts in optimising your website is believing that you need heaps of keywords. Wrong - you need to have targeted keywords relevant to your content i.e. TARGETED, RELEVANT, CONTENT. Most people search nowadays for a short phrase in Google - think of the phrases those customers might look for and include those as part of your content, and regularly. Keyword 'stuffing' as it has now become known, is a thing of the past and no longer aids in getting better rankings for your.....


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