We build new websites, update older websites, manage hosting, acquire domain names, help maintain your website and provide regular support services.

Brenda Baber - Owner of MiniwebsMiniwebs is owned and operated by Brenda Baber.

Brenda created a website over 12 years ago for their family small business - a retail timber and hardware business. That website evolved to be a large fully functioning site where customers could purchase products, request full quotes for large projects and of course have contact facilities and links to other resources on the internet.

From that first website, Brenda has now upsized and Miniwebs now creates and manages a large number of other small business websites.

Some of these are only small, 2 or 3 page websites, but others consist of a large number of pages.

Websites developed by Miniwebs generally run on a Content Management type format based on either a system called "Drupal, "Joomla" or “Wordpress” where a user can log in and add, edit or delete their own material if they wish. Other website builds are also catered for where a Content Management System is not in place.

Both Drupal and Joomla Content Management systems are open-source community based sets of modules, themes and extensions, which can be specifically configured for any number of user requirements.

Miniwebs Services are designed for new and small businesses, as well as individuals who need assistance in getting a website up and running without having to worry about all the requirements yourself.

We will discuss your requirements with you first ask a series of questions so we can determine your specific needs. These questions help us to understand your business a little better – it’s YOUR business and we don’t know anything about it – yet!

Questions include items relating to colours, fonts, images, target audience, what you want your website to do, proposed main menu items, whether you need hosting, emails, search engine optimisation, your budget, time-frame, on-going support etc etc.

However, should you have no prior knowledge of where to go next - relax! We can take care of anything you may need. Just give us a call on (07) 3804 1891, or send us an email, and we'll get back to you ASAP!


• Purchase a Domain Name
• Create email addresses for you and provide configuration details
• Create a Website – a new website built by us WILL be responsive, 2015 and forward expect it!
• Upgrade a website
• Website hosting
• Basic Search Engine Optimisation
• On-going website support to manage daily, weekly or monthly activities
• Adwords Campaigns
• Automated invoicing and reminders

Yes, we can do book-keeping (Brenda has a Certificate of Accounting), yes we can create logos, yes, we can do lots of other ‘stuff’.

Our CORE business however involves all the above dot-points and that’s where we like to stay – one cannot be a jack of all trades without compromising some of the core skills we offer.

Our support is second to none – you ring or email, we respond! Might take us a day or so in some cases to resolve issues but 9 times out of 10, every one of our clients will vouch for that support.

We look forward to working with you!