9 of the Biggest mistakes when writing a blog post
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9 of the Biggest mistakes when writing a blog post

MISTAKE 1: You think of ideas that only interest you. You are not going to be the only reader of your blog post. Think of the information your readers want to read and don't get too technical.

MISTAKE 2: Your writing appears to come from a manuscript or novel! Write the way you talk. Just write whatever comes to mind on your topic and let it flow. Text is much easier to read this way. Write as though you are having a conversation and your word should flow through onto your paper much more readily.

MISTAKE 3: Thinking that people care about YOU and what you write - they don't!People don't care about YOU, they want information and an interesting read - if not they are going to jump ship really quickly. Put your personality into your writing even if you do have to use CAPITAL LETTERS AND SHOUT A LITTLE. 🙂

MISTAKE 4: You get off-topic. Don't get carried away writing long lines of 'blurb' - keep what you are writing on the topic. That's what your readers are there for. But don't forget to make the point of what you want the reader to do - more than a couple of times if you can. If you're writing about how much water a potted plant needs, for example, don't spend three paragraphs telling a story of how you came home to a dead fern after returning from a two-week vacation

MISTAKE 5: Your topic is too broad. Make sure the topic of what you are writing about is specific. eg "How to Do Social Media Marketing" is a very broad subject. So work out a clear and concise topic you want to discuss - you'll keep a better audience and a more targeted reader.

MISTAKE 6: Just writing, writing, writing. Make your blog post inviting - use a header, a title, some sub-headings, lists, etc. These all make for easier reading. Writing an outline makes a big difference. If you put in the time upfront to organize your thoughts and create a logical flow in your post, the rest becomes easy -- you're basically just filling in the blanks. Work out the top 3 things you want your reader to read/do and base your headlines around those.

MISTAKE 7: You don't back up any claims you make.If you are mentioning any data or making a claim - back it up with a reference or acknowledge where it came from. eg Facebook will grow by 10% this year - where did you get that from??? But also - try and USE data - it makes you much more authoritative. Give credit where credit is due.

MISTAKE 8: Not taking the time to review and/or edit your post. This is a must - there's likely to be typos, missing sub-headings or the wording just doesn't read well. It sounded so fluid in your head when you were writing that it must be great to read ... right? Not necessarily.

MISTAKE 9: Creating your blog post and leaving it to the site in draft form. Just publish it! It will never be perfect. It honestly won't be the end of the world if you missed a sentence or 2 or there are a couple of typos.

Other Ideas

Blog consistently
Focus on the benefits of blogging long-term - not just this one blog post. Your organic traffic will pick up slowly if you become consistent in what you do. Add a "Call to Action" to every blog post - tell the reader what you want them to do - call us, email us, fill out this form, visit this website page, etc.

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