4 ways to take control of your own website.
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4 ways to take control of your own website.

Having a web developer or a 3rd party managing your website and creating your content updates is great but if your website is one using a Content Management System, then you have the power to manage your own content.
Granted it’s hard find your way around a website that a developer has spent years learning ‘their’ way around but sometimes you just want to add a new blog post each week or change the text in a couple of sentences.

  1. Know how you can make changes by logging in to the ‘Front’ end of your website.
    Your website may have a feature that allows you to do a ‘front-end’ login, click the odd Edit box or two and make your changes easily - without having to go deeper into the backend.

  2. Know how to access the administrator (backend) side of your website.
    Your web developer does this regularly for yours and many other websites, so make contact and ask for that information. After all, this is YOUR website.
    Have you got a URL address?
    Do you have a username and password to get to it?
    How can you make basic changes?

  3. Market and Advertise your website
    Your website is a tool in your business arsenal - it will not function without intervention from you, the business owner.
    You have to get out there and advertise the website, develop text phrases that a customer may search for, market your website on your business cards, use a business email address, not a generic ‘free’ email account.
    Advertise personal touches on your site - put your own picture up, tell people who you are and how you can help them.
    If your ‘shop’ is in the outback, how are you going to let people know it’s there? Your customers are not going to find you if you don’t tell them where you are!

  4. Ask your web developer to do a website audit
    Are all your names, addresses and phone numbers the same on all your website and social media accounts?
    Does each page have a Page Title and Description?
    Do you have sufficient content on each of your pages?
    Is that content relative to what your customers are looking for?

The above are just a few things you can do to help yourself and your website. It’s a huge field trying to manage everything online yourself but you can learn to be a little more pro-active by obtaining access to your website and making regular changes yourself.

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