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Looking for a Website Builder, or someone to fix your current site - AND live in Brisbane? Then look no further.

Brenda Baber - Founder of Miniwebs

Our priority - working out what YOU need.

Okay - so is it:

  • 'I don't know what to do" - looking for someone to fix it all for me. I want a new domain name, and a website (there's so much more but I guess that's what you basically want!)
  • I need someone to rebuild my current website
  • I need someone to help me manage my website on an ongoing basis
  • Something else.

Not going to bore you with all the details about what I can do and how good we are (they all say that!) but honestly, I'm here ready to talk to you  if you need or drop me an email with what you're after.

Just know that I've been doing all this online 'web stuff' for nearly 20 years so I've done lots, learnt lots and can fix lots!

If you really want my blurb and all that nice stuff - this page is ABOUT ME.

But remember

Creating your website (or whatever it is you need) is just the beginning of our partnership.

I've had most of my clients for a long time - simply because I am here - in Brisbane - not in another country or part of a large agency where staff have no personal dealings with their customers.

Give me a call! 07 3804 1891
Can't get me straight away? Find out when I'm around.

Send me an email


Based on 15 Reviews
Malcolm Poon

I engaged Brenda from mini webs to create a website for my business. From start to finish Brenda was so easy to deal with, very informative, very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend mini webs to anyone wanting a website created.

Leigh Rootsey

Miniwebs was great to deal with, friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Brenda created just the right site for my business and gave great feedback on ideas - I couldn’t be happier. Thankyou.

Danielle Hicks

Brenda from Miniwebs is my hero. Not only did she save my sanity she understood my level of website knowledge therefore explained everything to me in away I could fully make sense of. Her communication through out my website rebuild was fantastic. I would definitely recommend Brenda.

Great service, clear guidance, competitive and efficient - Brenda truly helped me through it all with patience and professionalism.

Vicki Jones

Miniwebs are not only great at what they do but are very friendly and easy to work with. They get the job done in a timely manner. They know how very important it is to have your Website up and operational while making it easy to navigate. Thank you Brenda and Team. From the Lightscope Pty Ltd Team.

cam hill

Very happy we used Miniwebs to build our website. Easy to deal with and helpful.

Judelle Drake

Excellent web site developed. Very happy.

Doug Murphy

Retained by the Chrysler Owners Club Qld to manage and administer the Club's FB pages and web site. We learned of Miniwebs by word-of-mouth and have since passed on this recommendation to other car clubs. Knowledgeable and responsive

Have been using the service and expertise of Brenda Baber from Miniwebs for many years and always been more than happy with all aspects of the business and services offered. For a small business without dollars to burn …..Miniwebs gives value for money with great service.

Nikki Hepburn

Thanks to the Miniwebs team for freshening up our website. The process was very quick and easy :)

Your service was recommended to me by a friend who got you to build his site & he told me the site was exactly what he asked from you & was done quickly & within his budget. I was a bit concerned originally as I have dealt with many web developers in the past who either could not deliver what they promised or simply did not complete the job even though they had been paid in full. Your service has been prompt & professional & you have delivered beyond my expectations. I have, & will continue to recommend your service due to your professional attitude & willingness to go the extra mile or two to deliver the product your clients ask for. Thanks again & will see you soon.

Diana Bugg

We highly recommend Miniwebs for web design, hosting & maintenance. Brenda provides excellent service, expert advice, reliable & super quick responses.

5 Essential Features Your Business Website Needs to Engage Visitors Your business website is your virtual storefront in the digital age. To make a lasting impression on visitors and attract a global audience, there are five essential features your website should have. These features not only attract visitors but also encourage them to explore further. 1. User-Friendly Navigation: First impressions matter, and your website's navigation is often the first point of contact for visitors. A cluttered and confusing layout can quickly deter potential customers. Ensure that your website has an intuitive and user-friendly navigation system. Use clear and concise menu labels, organized content categories, and a search bar to help users find what they're looking for effortlessly. In addition, prioritize mobile responsiveness. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, a responsive design ensures a seamless experience across various devices. A user-friendly website navigation not only encourages visitors to stay but also enhances their overall satisfaction with the browsing experience. Read more:

What is a Sitemap? When we talk about a website sitemap, we’re referring to a file that provides information about your site to search engines. This information usually includes the pages, videos, and other files on your site, along with how they relate to each other. If you have a website where blog posts and/or content is changing on a regular basis, keeping your sitemap up-to-date and accurate is important for SEO, because this is what search engines use to “crawl” your site to index it. Your website Sitemap can be created manually or automatically. The file created then needs to be uploaded to the root folder in your hosting account. Once that's done, the URL for that Sitemap should then be submitted to the likes of Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools. Read more:

Miniwebs️ 2 weeks ago

Should you add a 'Blog' to your Website? You've created your website and are ready to add a blog, but you don't know how to get started. But you also don't know whether you should add that blog to your website. Most of us know now that Google loves websites that post new content regularly - that's the very reason you need to have a website blog - so you can be better friends with Google!! In business, you depend on consumers to buy your products and services then if you are creating regular blogs on your website, your aim is to keep these customers interested. Without blogging, your website basically stays invisible unless you are promoting it using other methods. The more frequent and better your blog posts are, the higher the chances for your site to get found and visited by your intended audience. The main purpose of blogging is to connect you to your target audience. Read more:

Miniwebs️ 4 weeks ago

Do you know your Control Panel and Website access details? Do you know what platform your website is built on? Wordpress? Joomla? Drupal? or another CMS system? Or is it still an HTML website? Do you even know how to access your website to make any changes? Or, do you know who your hosting provider is? (They would likely send you a bill every year to keep your website active?) Are you keen to start to learn about this part of your business? One might say as business owners we know everything about our business but a staggering number of business owners have a website online but no idea of how to manage it and keep it updated. It should be considered an important component of your business and you should have knowledge of how to access the site itself but also how to access the hosting provider login and password details. There are a lot of 'backyard' providers who might set you up as part of their 'hobby' (yes, I know how to do that!) then you're left on your own. Read more:

Miniwebs️ 1 month ago

Content is King - every great website has great content! You may have seen the phrase “content is king,” and it’s one of the most often-repeated pieces of SEO advice. But what does it mean? “Content is king” simply refers to the importance of content above any other SEO tactic. But it isn’t just about the quality of the content, but also the quantity. You need as much keyword-rich content as possible across different venues. Yes, even content outside your website can help you, because it associates your site with valuable keywords. Here are some different ways to create content both on and off your website: Create a blog for your business and update it regularly. Blogging is a huge corporate trend, and with good reason. Today’s model of “content to commerce” means building authority and driving traffic to your site through thought leadership. When potential customers realize you have useful information to offer, they’re more likely to respect you and want to do business with you. The more technical SEO side is that search engines can index your blog articles based on the keywords you use and the value of the content. Value is established over time by traffic to the article and especially if another website links to it. This is called a backlink. Just remember that the better your blog articles are, the more likely other sites will want to link to them, which improves SEO for your whole site. Distribute press releases through appropriate channels. Remember not to stuff your content with too many keywords. Most press release services will offer a feedback warning against it, but Google will penalise you. Write guest blogs for partners and independent journalists. You don’t need a public relations firm to promote your business anymore. A simple email request to contribute to a partner’s blog or an industry-focused news site can go a long way. While some more prominent publishers may be wary of including a lot of SEO-focused links, others will be perfectly happy to let you incorporate your links in return for free content. Learn more:

Some of the many websites we have built over the years

Customer Testimonials

Derek Woodhouse - Ozsafe

Derek Woodhouse


Job Well Done Professionally
Your service was recommended to me by a friend who got you to build his site & he told me the site was exactly what he asked from you & was done quickly & within his budget. 

I was a bit concerned originally as I have dealt with many web developers in the past who either could not deliver what they promised or simply did not complete the job even though they had been paid in full.

Your service has been prompt & professional & you have delivered beyond my expectations. 

I have, & will continue to recommend your service due to your professional attitude & willingness to go the extra mile or two to deliver the product your clients ask for.

Thanks again & will see you soon.
David King - King Security

David King

Kings Security Services

Since Miniwebs has been managing my site we have had a full site upgrade built from scratch with complete guidance from Brenda and the Miniwebs team.  I have been very impressed with the results as have our suppliers we incorporated into the site including both USA and GERMAN manufacturers. Also our customers who have permitted us to promote their use of our products have especially been impressed including CHANNEL 7 who have vetted and approved all material you see on the site.

I would be happy to recommend Brenda and her team for the Building/Hosting of all levels of websites. 

Thanks to their quick turn around and personal service we have been able to fully redevelop and promote our site which was made very difficult by the tight turn around times that needed to be adhered to when promoting television shows we have been involved with.
Deborah Marsland - Vanity Fairways

Deborah Marsland

Vanity Fairways

Vanity Fairways was originally a retail location but like most retailers I realised that having an online presence was so important. I enlisted the help of Brenda and Miniwebs to create my very first website which was basically an information only site. 

After a few years Brenda converted my website completely to what it is today … a fully functioning online retail site. Brenda’s expertise, diligence and professionalism has helped me so much over the years that I don’t know that I could or would have ever done it without her! 

Brenda is always researching for upgrades and new ideas and her ongoing support is always prompt and efficient. 

Thank you Brenda… made Vanity Fairways what it is today!!!

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