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Mobile friendly Website Design - one site fits all devices.

Have a look at our past projects over the years. They are many and varied but every client wants something different and sometimes very specific. You'll also see websites we built many years ago that are not responsive to all the devices we use today - that's yet another new technology that is now built into all our website builds.

Our Website Design Services include building new websites using any of Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress. If you are not sure what those are, no problem, they are what we call Content Management Systems - frameworks that enable you to login from any computer and make your own website changes as you need.

Here at Miniwebs, our preferred method of Website Creation is to use Joomla.

Website upgrades are becoming a requirement now for many small business, if your website was built anything more than 3 - 4 years ago, it could almost be classed as 'old technology'. Wesite upgrades can make your website fresh and modern, as well as being more mobile-friendly. In today's world of technology, changes are happening before we know it and it's a never-ending learning curve to keep up with everything 'latest'.

Websites today need to be viewed on all devices ranging from the smaller smartphones to tablets and desktops then on to large widescreen monitors. Not so long ago, web developers needed to create an independent website for viewing on mobile phones.

Using today's technology, one website can be created to be 'RESPONSIVE/MOBILE-FRIENDLY' for whichever device it is used on. More and more people are using smartphones to view the web nowadays and if your website is not responsive to those needs, your website visitor may very well just go somewhere else.

So ..... yes, we build websites. Yes, we ensure they have responsive/mobile features. Yes, we can use your logos, colours, fonts, images.

A quick look at some of our latest projects: